Sunday, January 20, 2008

January Update

Since I have a few minutes while everyone is sleeping on what was supposed to be snow day (got a dusting as opposed to the 4 inches they swore we would get!, I thought I would post a few updates. It has been a busy month for our family. Sadly, it has been mostly because I have been working and Sam has had parenting duty. I have had a lot of early mornings and late evenings so I have had more than a couple of days that I have not seen Elizabeth. I may be paranoid but I think it is causing a bit of a regression in our attachment. When we do come back together, she just screams and wants no part of me. She doesn't want me to touch her. She just yells "Go mommy". When I hold her and look into her eyes, she pushes my face away. It is so hard to see her like that. I keep telling her it will only be for 2 more weeks but that is like a life time to a toddler! When we are not apart, we have been having fun together. On New Year's Day, I cooked a big dinner and Grandma, Uncle Lem, and our friend Alicia came over. Elizabeth enjoyed being the center of attention! Potty training continues to go well. She has even had a oouple of occasions to indicate she needed to go. We are low key about it now but will buckle down as it get's warmer. We are pleased with out success right now. My dear friend Auntie Katy came over last weekend. It was wonderful to see her. She loves Elizabeth so much and Elizabeth really seems to sense that. They had a wonderful time together. I hope Auntie Katys' back can survive another get together soon! Elizabeth also got to spend some time visiting with Uncle Max, rough housing with Daddy and enjoying some new toys. Thanks to the tip from my friend Leslie, we learned about a great play area at a nearby mall. Elizabeth had a great time!!! She really exhauted herself. Instead of admitting defeat to the sleep monstor she just kept patting Ling's back and saying "night, night" I will leave you with 2 things that I can NEVER resist, my baby's beautiful smile and her happy giggle!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Elizabeth

Wow it jusst so great and wonderful that you are learing new things everday i am so glad you are safe here in the usa with coach Debbie and Sam .


Mama Darling said...

Don't be too hard on yourself about being away from Elizabeth. Doodlebug acts similarly towards Daddy D on occassion. At other times, like right now, she's his best buddy. There are times when he can't get a kiss and other times when she can't get enough of him. Just make the best of the time you have with her. She's definitely come a long way...such a beautiful little girl. BTW Doodlebug and DD love their Mei Ling doll, too.

FinsUp said...

Yep, that little kewpie mouth in a smile is pretty darn irresistible! Look forward to a real play date when your work slows!

Anonymous said...

Hey Elizabeth

Don't grow up to fast stay sweet and don't ware your parntes out too munch.


Mama Ladybug said...

Such happy photos of Elizabeth and family members. I just keep smiling when I look at them, so nice! I know it's agonizing to be away from your little one so much. But try to think of the positives. She is very fortunate to have her Daddy there rather than someone other than her parents. And...what little girl could possibly have too much Daddy time anyway? You are great parents to her and it shows in her smiles and good health.

Sharon said...

What a little cutie she is!