Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Mall is not for Shopping Anymore!

MacArthur Mall is no longer for shopping in our world. It is the mecca for indoor rainy fun! We met our friends Leslie and Fin for a fun afternoon at the mall's playground and for lunch in the food court. Elizabeth had a great time playing with Fin. So rarely do we get to see her actively engaged with another child. Usually she just happily plays next to them but not actually with them. Once she established that she was just as strong-willed as Fin was and that she would not be told where to go and when to go and once she got a few lectures from Fin (it was great to watch, Fin had her hands on her hips just like E! usually does) on how to be a good girl, they had a great time together. They ran and played and with Fin's help, Elizabeth explored parts of the playground that she was never willing to do before. Wonderful day!!! Fin even got Elizabeth onto one of the cars that you drop the change into and it shakes you for a few minutes. She cried at first and then settled in and enjoyed 4 'test' drives. It was a great way to spend a cold and rainy day. We look forward to it again! PS. Thank you Cousin Domi for the box of clothes. "I usualy don't like hats but I enjoyed the one you sent me!"


Anonymous said...

Hey Elizabeth

I know that you had a lot of fun at the mall i am glad you whent for the frist time.


FinsUp said...

We had a blast, too! I do have to point out that Fin came to the mall after dance class... I don't normally dress her like that. :)

Mama Ladybug said...

Looks like little E's having a great time! Love the hat picture, so sweet. LL wears one for about 3 microseconds and then promptly flings it, LOL! Tax season is here and I'm back to work so life's been busier than usual. I'll update when I can. Glad to see new pix of E!

Mama Darling said...

We love to play at the mall, too. We don't buy very much, but we sure enjoy the play area. Glad to see that Elizabeth is forming friendships and learning to play with others. Thanks for the update. Love the pictures!