Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Our Hearts Sing

Our hearts sing with joy when we watch this little video so we wanted to share it. It is even better when she giggles like this when playing. We love her like crazy cakes!!


Doug Edwards said...

What a precious baby! I know you are so happy! My wife, Gina, is with your group, I believe. I can't wait to see our daughter for the first time when they get home. I hope you all have a safe trip and more happy memories, Doug Edwards

Leslie said...

How WONDERFUL! What a great laugh and smile Elizabeth has! She is really coming out of her shell quickly. I hardly recognize the little girl in the province pictures. Your posts are bringing back memories from Guangzhou. Try ordering the corn on the cob at Lucy's. It comes on sticks and was a big hit with Fin. Can't wait to meet her!