Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Day 9

Today was a pretty laid back day. After breakfast, we did some time in the play room. She loves to play with Daddy and gets a little braver with strangers around everyday. we walked around the island and did a little shopping. Each store has basically the same things and the shopkeepers walk with you while you are there and "suggest" things that you just need to have. Sadly, they are pretty successful with me. They always give you "best price". After our shopping we relaxed at Starbucks and then at the Deli Shop for lunch. We had a shopping expedition to the doll store planned with our guide Der at 1:30 but the Empress was reallly tired so I decided to stay back and get her to nap while Sam went. It turned out that it was more of a mall like we saw in Hefei with no porcelain dolls like we had expected. Sam got her a set of wooden display dolls and and one of those flexible rollable keyboards for his computer. Of course, The Empress did not sleep at all. She was so fussy but wouldn't give in. At one point, I had to go to the bathroom so bad, I just gave her a cracker and put her in the crib again. While I was in the bathroom, I was amazaed. She was in her crib TALKING! Mama, mommy, baba, baby ~ over and over again. Now keep in mind, we have only ever her mama a couple of times and no other sounds really. As to not to disturb the moment, I shimmied out of the bathroom on my stomach and made my way to the bed to pull the camcorder down so I record the sweet sound. Of course, the battery was dead! At 4:30, Der arranged for a pearl buyer to come to our hotel to show us pearls as many of us were interested in buying some while we were here. I bought a beautiful necklace that they are making for me. It will be delivered tomorrow. For dinner, we got brave and went to a different restaurant on the island. We should have been paying attention. The worms, fish, and other wildlife that was in the tanks at the front of the restuarant was NOT for display. When we sat down and realized we were the only americans in an only chinese speaking restaurant, we got a bit nervous. When the menu came (thank god, with english subtitles) and we saw fried turtle, baked pig knuckles, yak, etc... we really thought Oh holy %$#&*^%$. We ended up getting some kind of chicken dish which wasn't bad expect I have no idea what part of the chicken they used. I am pretty darn sure it is not a part we eat at home and some noodles. Pumpkin slept through most of dinner so that made it a bit easier.
It has been another good day for her. We are so amazed at her progress. Everyone in our travel group has noticed the leaps and bounds she has made just in the last few days. It is hard to believe this is the same child we got over a week ago. She is funny, sweet, and quite the character. We love her like crazy cakes!!


CJ and Donna said...

She is such a cutie. Thanks for sharing such great pics and details on your trip. I am just a lurker longing to be in China.

Kim said...

She is adorable! I met your friend Leslie through her blog which a friend sent me because we're considering a toddler adoption. (We adopted our first daughter when she was 12 months old, but the referralfor our second is taking so long, and I had hoped our girls would be close in age.) Elizabeth looks like she's progressing so beautifully!
Congratulations on your wonderful blessing!

jgorgas@mchsi.com said...

I know the exact restuarant you ate at. Our travel group went there for dinner one night. Thankfully, our guides ordered for our group and we had a good dinner. Your little girl is so adorable. I know you really enjoy her.