Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Day 10

Lot of things happened today. Because of a small misspelling, Sam (and another parent) had to go to the US Consolate to sign some paperwork. While he was gone, Elizabeth and had breakfast together. I have learned today that a breakfast buffet is difficult with one person and a baby. Baby on hip, juggling plate in the other. After breakfast, we had to sit in our room while our guide, Helen, handled our VISA interview at the Consolate. The phone never rang during the alloted time frame, so we were golden!! We then had a meeting with Der for our briefing about the final events of our process and to pay our final expenses. Der and Helen also gave us a family chop( a beautiful carved stamp). It will be a priceless gift to remember our time here as well as the wonderful host and hostess that they were. Elizabeth really responds to Uncle Der as do the other children. His knack with the little girls is amazing.
We also gave the red couch photo an attempt today. Every adoption group does this as tradition. Our girls were TOTALLY tramautized by it. Little Ju-lie would just not let go of mommy and the others just screamed. Elizabeth just sort of sat their and took it all in. We decided to do family shots instead so everyone could calm down.

Just as we where ready to head out to lunch and shopping, Elizabeth decided it was time to nap. A good thing, but she hadn't been napping in a couple of days so we had to readjust our schedule. Sam ended up going to Starbucks to get take out sandwhichs while she slept. When she woke up, we hit the streets to shop. We ended up buying an extra suitcase to get it all home (seems crazy but a pretty typical thing here since most people pack to tight and light to get here). Elizabeth then helped us load everything into the suitcase. It was really cute watching her know that she was helping.
In the evening we went on a dinner cruise up the Pearl River. It was a pleasant evening, just a little too long for the babies who alternated who was crying. It was after 10 when we got back. The bust ride back was enough to give her a second wind so it took me a while to get her asleep of course, Sam was fast asleep while I convinced her to sleep.
Our biggest news for the day is that she is becoming a Daddy's girl which brings such joy to Sam. I love to see Sam's face as she reaches for him. He justl ights up like a christmas tree. Today she went on her first Daddy only excursion. It was just to the 2nd floor to exchange money but she voluntarily left me and walked right out next to him. At dinner she reached for him to hold her and she sat on his lap for awhile. She also wanted him again on the bus. Everyday gets better and he continues to win her over! If she only knew that he would give her the world on a silver platter!
As always, we love her like crazy cakes!!!

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