Monday, August 27, 2007

Day 8

Today was a great day with our litltle Empress. Our morning started off at 8am with a dorctors appointment which is required to get her American Visa. Of course, this would be the day she would choose to sleep in! She did great at the doctor's. She didn't really appreciate the tongue depresser and really fought it. The only other crying was really not a scared crying more of a I am not touching mama cry. We came back and had breakfast and then Sam went and did our papeerwork to apply for her visa while we went to the playroom. I did most of the paperwork in the US to get ready for her but Sam has been wonderful doing it all since we have been here. Thanks Mom and Dad for the book which has helped us organize it so Sam can find all of the documents that he needs! This afternoon we went to the pool for the first time. It is a beautiful, lush, tropic setting and Pumpkin did well. She sat on the step of the baby pool and poured water from her stacking cups just like Daddy showed her. Thunder ended our trip to the pool after about 45 minutes but we will try again soon. Before dinner we went to Jordan's place and bought a few things things. OK maybe more than a few things but we want to make sure we have things to give to her as she grows. We had dinner at the infamous Lucy's which was fun. We are on a small island with not a ton of options to eat and this is the place that we have heard so many people talk about. Elizabeth had grilled cheese and french fries and was most happy with that choice. After dinner we went back to the playroom. Since it was just us, she was very brave and funny. She and Daddy ran all over the room. She was such a giggle puss! After about 20 minutes of that running around some other people came in and she headed back to mama for security. That certainly exhausted her so she fell asleep quickly with her bottle. We got as far as putting on her PJ bottoms and decided to hedge our bets and just left her t-shirt on. It is 5:30 AM right now and she is still sound asleep. We hope this good sleeping continues when we get home and over the jet lag! While she slept we were able to watch the laser light show over the Pearl River from our hotel room. It is pretty cool!

Our litttle girl's personality has really blossomed. She is a neatnick. If something is in the wrong place she is quick to bring it to me. She give me real kisses today and fed both mommy and daddy her prized Cherrios today at breakfast. We are loving every minute of watching the layers of Little Elizabeth personality reveal themselves.

We love her like crazy cakes!!

PS. Thank you for leaving comments. As much as we love being here, we are ready to come home. The comments help us feel connected to everyone back home!

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