Sunday, August 26, 2007

Day 6 and Day 7

Sorry we haven't written since arriving at the White Swan. It is just beautiful here! The 5 star hotel sits on Shaiman Island which was once occupied by the British so the architure is mostly Colonial. Few cars and very peaceful. Our room faces the Pearl River so we can see the boats go up and down plus there is an amazing light show every evening. It is much more of a western hotel. Actually cool with little humidity inside. It is a welcome relief.

Our flight from Anhui was fine. Elizabeth did great so that bodes well for our very long trip home. She sat on my lap some and in her own seat some. The best part was her personality really shined while on the plane. Of course she picks the most conveinent time to be a jokester but it was great fun to watch. She was picking up her toys and droping them on the airplane floor adn just chuckling. She knew she was funny which made us laugh which didn't help. Luckily, we were able to recover all of the toys before they rolled to the front on landing!

Almost as soon as we got to the hotel, we had to go to take her visa picutre. Sam wasn't feeling well so I took her myself. I took the carrier which she loves and is the only way I can carry my sack of potatoes with any comfort for a longer trip. Her visa picture will be of her typically scoul but at least she wasn't crying. We then walked to Jennifers where they gave us strollers to borrow. YEAH RIGHT! Well, I put her in the stroller becasue she was out of the carrier and heavy along with my bag and umbrella. To my complete amazement she just got in with NO fussing!! I was so suprised, I just bolted while I had a few minutes. Turns out she never cried and now she loves her stroller!!! For dinner, Sam walked to Starbucks and got us sandwiches so we ate dinner in the rooom.

On Sunday, we had a nice breakfast in the hotel. To our great suprise she actually got in the highchair. Now, she didn't spend the whole time in there but she did good. We will take baby steps. It was the first time that I have eaten without a lap partner. We then went shopping. We bought a few things that would be handcrafted for her so we will pick them up later in the week.
In the afternoon, we went to the Chen Temple and then our Guide Der to us shopping. WOW!!!!! It was a pedistrain street with shops on both side. It was like the day aftere Thanksgiving times 50. The crowds were amazing. We went to a department store and got to spend about 30 minutes in the baby department where I put a little dent in our wallets. We then went to the jade store and the book store.
It was hot and humid but not near as bad as in Hefei so there was a little relief. I just have never been so hot! Since Elizabeth caught a bit of a nap in the stroller, she was not into a nap but still tired. We went to the playroom for a distraction and so Sam could catch a few winks. She did well until another family came in and sat too close to us. She is very shy. Sam walked down the island to Lucy's Bar and Grill and brought us dinner back to the room. Miss Elizabeth loves chicken quesdilla's and mash potatoes. What a combo! After dinner, we all went to sleep almost instantly!

We are so in love with our little girl. To see her progress, especially in the last few days has been simply amazing!

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Leslie said...

What a change in personality! I am so glad to see all of the progress Elizabeth is making already. Thank you for keeping up the blog, I am enjoying it so much!