Friday, August 24, 2007

Day 5 ~ What a difference 5 days makes

If you had told me how Elizabeth would change over the past week, I never would have believed anyone. She went from a scared little girl to one who is blossoming right before our eyes. It is amazing to watch. Today was filled with amazing firsts.

This was our crowning glory for the day. We actually got her to smie and giggle. It was brief but it filled our hearts with joy. We all laughed so hard together.

Our girl is a carb addict. She loves pasta, noodles, rice, and bread. Today she grabbed off of my plate for the first time. She picked a doughnut. She ate that thing round and round. She ate it in a perfect circle to about a quarter of an inch from the center hole. She aslo eats some beef and loves green beans. Yogurt is also a big hit.

She also pointed to request things for the first time. She pointed to my water and later for her crackers. It is wonderful since that is her only way to express her needs right now. Of course she is also good about smacking your hand out of the way if you are giving or doing something she doesn't want.

Another big first today was actually play. She had refused the bells and the phone until today. She also wouldn't play with the stacking cups other than to hold them in her hand. Today she moved everything from inside her legs to outside and then began to stack, unstack, stack, unstack, etc... the blocks. I think playing will help her engage in something other than me.

She is also a great sleeper and napper. Today by 1230 she was ready for her nap as she fell asleep drinking her bottle. She slept until 330 and then needs another hour to get her empress self out of bed.

Although we did get a few smiles and giggles out of her, she still prefers to maintain her Posh Spice imitation of ~ never let them see you smile. Even when she wants to smile, she will try to hold it back.

Meals continue to be a challenge. She won't even look at a highchair so we alternate between my leg and her table perch.

A couple of random pictures from today.

Beautiful baby face!

Deep in thought about how to stack her blocks.

Another big first today was her walking. For the little girl who walked so little over the last few days, she really fooled us. In the afternoon, I tried to get her to walk in the hall but only cries happened. She walked in the room when her crackers were placed on the other side of the bed. After dinner, we took a short walk and the carrier was hurting my back so when we got back to the hotel I took her out. My little non-walker, walked across the hotel lobby, over to the elevators, up the elevator and down the hall to our room. AMAZING!!!!

Sam and baby are sound asleep so I am heading in that direction as well. In the morning we pack our bags and head fly to the next city where we spend a week. This portion will finalize the american part of the process.

Oh yeah, in all of the first excitement, I forgot to mention that we got her Chinese passport today! One step closer to brining our little girl home!!

We just love our little girl like crazy cakes!!


Leslie said...

I am delighted to see her smile, so I can't imagine how you guys feel! Congratulations on all of the new milestones!

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie, Sam and Elizabeth,
We are all loving every entry in Elizabeth's journey. She is so cute and thank God she seems to be making great progress in loving her Mom and Dad. You know our love and prayers are with you every minute. Be careful with yourselves. Aunt margaret and Uncle Bob