Thursday, August 23, 2007

New Definition of Misery~ Hefei Wildlife Park

The Empress woke up in a great mood this morning. She still refused the high chair but she sat nicely on the table and ate a huge amount of food. Gram, you better get ready for her with yougurt, scrambled eggs, watermelon and fried potatoes. This girl can eat!!!
After breakfast we drove by bus about 30 minutes to the Hefei Zoo. We pull up and the first thing I see is about 5o steps to the entrance. Now, if you know me and my knee, I should have seen that as a forboding sign. I carried the baby and Sam carried the stroller. At the top, we attempted to put The Empress in the stroller and she just SCREAMED for Momma. Cindy, our translator and Rose, our guide, told me just to leave her scream so I did, with my heart breaking for her. They decided to try and push her and talk to her in Chinese to calm her down. They said if that didn't work then I could pick her up and carry her. Now keep in mind that the hope of carring her is somewhat stymied by the fact that is is hotter than the hinges of hell! I have never in my life felt humidity like it is here. Between the heat, the humidity and the pollution, it is just intolerable, making this trip pretty damn miserable for me. Just as rose pushed her away, I triped on uneven sidewalk and fell smack on my face. My bad knee is twisted, my leg has a concrete brush burn and my baby is still screaming! My wonderful travel group stopped and helped me up as the chinese people began to gather and stare. Now, if I had known how long of a walk, it would be, I would have tried to preserve my knee and would have turned around, but I didn't know so I walked and I walked and I walked. Meanwhile, the Empress is being held by Rose. The only good thing out of this was that after a bit, she actually reached out for Sam so he carried her the rest of the way around the zoo. When we finally get to the Panda's ( the big attraction for most of us)my kneww had just had too much. Luckily our wonderful group, convinced Rose and Cindy to get a cart and drive me to the front. When the golf cart like vehicle showed up there was some heavy nogotiation in Chinsesa but then Rose, Sam, Elizabeth and I where wisked away to our waiting bus. My leg is a bit sore from the missing skin and my knee is a bit stiff but it could have been so much worse. After getting back, we all cooled off in our hotel room and Pumpkin took her nap. We met the rest of the families in the hotel pub for a little social time before we all headed down to dinner. After dinner, it was back to the room for bedtime. She continues to be a great sleeper. To bed between 7 and 8 and up between 5 and 6. We look forward to see what tomorrow brings us.

Love to all! We certainly do miss home.
Daddy and Empress before bedtime. She even let Daddy put her to bed.

Baby Kristina from our travel group.

Baby Jillian from our travel group.

Baby Ju-lie from our travel group.

The view from our hotel room,

Another view from our room.

I asked her to hold the diaper for me while I got out the wipes. She would not let go. She even carried it to dinner. We learned that she has a reallky strong grip when she wants to!

Momma and Empress hanging out with the other families in the hotel pub before going down for dinner.

Here is Pumpkin ready for bed. Auntie Katy, thank you for my PJ's. Mommy exchanged a 4T dress since I am so small and bought these PJ's from you. They keep me toasty in the Air Conditioned room.

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