Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Day 3

Today is a day of firsts. She woke up about 5:30am after a full night's sleep. We cuddled on the bed for a bit and then we decided to make today the day for the first bath. We were expecting it to be a screamfest so we thought we would go for the sink. WOW! Now I can't say that she smiled and acted like she enjoyed it but there was no crying. When I offered to take her out, she was happy to stay. We went to breakfast and she ate alot. She like steamed eggs, yougurt milk, fried potatoes and some orange juice. There was no fussing through breakfast. After breakfast we sat in the hotel lobby because we are getting tired of the four walls of our hotel room. She actually stood up, of course she had to stand between my legs. We went with our group and our translator Cindy to Lord Bau's Temple. It is just about a 5 minute walk from our hotel. Well of course, our little Empress was the only one who refused the stroller. The good side of this was that she started SCREAMING "mama, mama". She will only say it when she is so upset but at least it is something. The temple was beautiful but it is soooooooooo humid here. We were all drenched before we ever arrived. It didn't help that Empress was on my hip. Just at the end of the tour she reached our for Cindy. We were really suprised. She stayed with her for a few minutes before she started calling for Mama. It was so hot and it takes some work getting her in the hip carrier so since we are one our way back, I put her in the stroller and she just screamed bloody murder all of the way back. As soon as we got back to the hotel Sam took her out and she was with Mama and settled again. She is now stretched out in the middle of bed taking a nap. We learned today that she is likes much of what I drink so she really drank my Crystal Light Rasberry. Now I realize that it is probably not the best thing for her but desperate times....

Now we are heading off to Carefour which is there verison of Wal-Mart. Sam went the other day but we need more diapers so we are going to head there by cab with 3 other families. Wish us well!!
Getting ready for her bath. We are holding our breath to see how bad this will be.

Not so bad. She tolerates it. Tomorrow we will try to shampoo her hair.

Dressed in pink, ready to head out for the day.

Our travel group. Elizabeth is the screamer!

We visited the Lord Bau Temple.

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Jess said...

What a sweet beautiful girl! I get a lump in my throat looking at your photos from Hefei and remembering our first few days as a family. We loved Emma from first glance, but she was so scared and sad. You'd never believe it now, to look at our happy little girl! Thanks for sharing your blog!Jessica, mama to Emma from Huainan, 21 months old.