Monday, August 20, 2007

Day 2

Today was a ying and a yang sort of day. The highlight of today was that we went back to the civil affiars office today and our adoption became official in the eyes of the chinese government. We had our family picture taken, promised to always take care of her and nver abandon her and basically we were done! After this long process it was very simple. Her mood today however was the lowlight. I am sure it is a combination of many things~ grieving, a fever, and a empty diaper leads to make most of us grumpy. She slept from 7pm to about 5am. We went to breakfast early since she had not had anything to eat yet. She sat on Sam's lap and ate steamed eggs and rice. As soon as she was done, the screaming started and we had to take turns on who was in the restaurant and who ate. Sam brought her to the room while I ate and I guess that terrified her because since then, she has refused to be held by Sam. After breakfast she took a nap before the civil affairs appointment. When we got home we tried to entertain her but she was crabby and was really ready to sleep again so she went down for a 4 hour nap. When she woke up, we went downstairs for dinner. We tried to go down in the stroller but that was an absolute no go! Screamed, and screamed! I carried her down and tried the high chair but another absolute NO! I held her and fed her congee. You always know when she wants more as she licks her chops. It is so cute! You also always know when she is done becasue she smacks your hand away in the universal language of go away! I had a pizza and she kept opening her mouth. She really enjoyed her bites of crust. We went outside after dinner and sat until we came inside to get away from the begging lady who kept showing us her stomach. It was just about 7pm and we came up and rubbed some lotion on her, changed her into her PJ's. She fell asleep with Sam on the bed and was easily moved to her crib. Sam and I where both out by 8. It is now about 2:30 am and she is sleeping and Sam is watching James Bond. We hope her mood improves some tomorrow. We are going to visit a temple with the instructions to bring the stroller, yeah right! I hope she will learn to like the stroller because my arm is KILLING me. But with that all said, we love her like crazy cakes!

Asleep last night with the quilt from Gram.

In the hotel lobby waiting to start the day we offically become a family.

Waiting to meet the notary.

As part of the adoption process, Elizabeth must seal it with her footprint.

The notary completes are paperwork.

Our official adoption decree!

Daddy and Elizabeth relax on the bed for sleepy time.

A sleepy little girl on our bed.


Leslie said...

As tough as it is, I think its a great sign that she prefers the comfort of mommy and daddy to being alone in a stroller or highchair. If you weren't important to her, she wouldn't mind you putting her down! Congratulation on making it official... now go to sleep! :)

Abby's Mom said...

She is so sweet! Love the sleeping picture :)