Friday, May 02, 2008

She's A Keeper

After this evening, there is no question that we are going to keep her!!:) I love for the summertime to be filled with trips to the pool and days spent on the beach. We have really tried neither up to this point. Tonight we got home from work at a reasonable time to be met by a grumpy little girl. We decided to go to the park to brighten her bleak mood. At the last minute we decided to grab dinner on the go and head down to Buckroe Beach. It is less than 10 minutes from our house. It is really an gem of a place that does not get near the recognition it deserves. It is about the most redemming thing about living in this city. We laid out the blanket, took her shoes off and preceded to play in God's sandbox. Her first few bare footed steps were uneasy. Soon she took off and decided to head to the water. At first I had to hold her and scoop her down to feel the water with her hand. We then sat and a few waves came and got our feet. Well her feet and my entire bottom half. We went back to Baba when she decided to go back to the water. On this trip, she stood there holding my hands. Before long she was standing by herself, laughing her big belly laugh. She was having a blast!!! We missed so many first~ sitting up, standing, walking, etc. It was nice to share this experience with her. When we got back to the blanket, she looked at us and said "Happy". What more could a Mommy and Baba need! The only thing missing was the camera to catch it all! It looks like summer will be lots of fun!


Mama Darling said...

How Sweet! Where's the camera when you need it????

FinsUp said...

That is too awesome! I see trade-off visits to Buckroe and Ocean View this summer in our future.