Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Birthmother's Day

As my very first Mother's Day approaches, I am reminded that the day before Mothter's Day is Birthmother's Day. I will forever be thankful to my own birthmother whose love for me was so great that she knew the best thing for me was to make an adoption plan for me. For years, I wondered all those unanswered questions that only an adopted person appreciates. I was lucky enough to find my birthmother as an adult and to enjoy a wonderful relationship with her.
Although we had know each for ten years by the time I was married, my wedding day was the first day that my parents met my birthmother and brother.

Every year, one of my favorite traditions is spending Christmas Eve Eve with her and my new extended family that i have found with my brother and his family.

This Christmas was extra special because they got to meet Elizabeth for the first time.

Although I was lucky in finding my birthmother and having all of my questions answered, I know that will probably not be the same for Elizabeth but who knows, alot can change in a couple of decades. I just hope that I can impart the same appreciation for what her birthmother did for her as my mom did for me regarding my birthmother. I know that her adoption, at some time in her life, may become her cross to bear. A little piece of me regrets that her cross to bear is the same thing that brought our family the greatest joy. To Elizabeth's birthmother, no words can ever express the gift you have given to us. We will love your little girl to the moon and back. We promise to always care and protect her as you would have if you were able. We promise to teach her about her culture, to cherish her heritage, and to appreciate that some decisions in life are heart wrenching. No real words work other than to say thank you for giving us a baby to love.

Elizabeth giving her Nana (my birthmother) a little Mother's Day gift.

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Jana said...


Thanks so much for posting to my blog. I followed your journey to your sweet Elizabeth -- she's a doll baby -- and have kept up with your blog!! I LOVE life with a toddler -- I wish we could keep them this age for a few more years. Blessings to you and your family. What a ride!