Friday, November 02, 2007

Halloween and Happy Birthday

Happy Halloween and Happy 3rd Birthday to my very own Pumpkin!!! Halloween was a success. The festivities started by going to her school with cupcakes to celebrate her birthday with her class. To all of the children's parents, we are soo sorry we choose permenantly dying pink and blue frosting. Next time we know~ stick to white! Grandma came over to hand out candy while we made our first ventures into trick or treating. We just went to a few houses on our street where we are friendly with our neighbors. Although she can't say trick or treat, she did pretty good, walking up to the door. I thought she would be much more timid. When we walked home, she observed Grandma giving out the candy and quickly took over. She would stand on the front porch screaming "Dandy". When a ghoul would walk up, she would shreak in delight and run to the driveway to put a treat in their bag. No timid girl here. She even shook hands with the grim reaper. After she deposited candy in their back, she would run back to the porch and start her solicitaion one more time. It was amazaing to watch how quickly she catches on! It was a great night!


Mama Darling said...

She is definitely as "cute as bug!" It is so good to see her having such a good time. Doodlebug was a Ladybug too. I wonder how many of out little girls had the same idea. LOL

Mama Ladybug said...

Happy 3rd Birthday Elizabeth! What a sweet little ladybug you are. Love the antenna's :) So glad all of you are well. Thank you for visiting my blog, it is fun. And I am busy seeing what I can glean from others blogs too. Thanks for the tip.