Saturday, October 13, 2007

A Different Little Girl

We have been so busy keeping up with the Empress that we have had a heard time getting the time to blog. Mostly because we don't want to take time away from her when she is awake and when she is asleep, we are too! She is exhausting!! Parenting must be a bit easier when you are 25!

Elizabeth is such a different little girl than the one we brought home just 6 weeks ago. She is becoming so much more outgoing with others. She is still the most reserved when people come to our house or we travel to others home but anywhere else in public and she is so much more social and really starting to venture away from us. It is wonderful to see her confidence growing knowing that she can walk away and mommy and daddy will still be there when she returns.

In the last 2 weeks we went to our first birthday party. Fin, came home from China on my birthday and she celebrated her 4th birthday. Elizabeth was reserved but took it all in, especially the chocolate cake! We have been working at our church pumpkin patch and she has been pitching in. She loads the boxes after we shuck corn and she helps move the pumpkins around. We hope this is an early sign that she will have the volunteer spirit in her like mommy and daddy. We went back to Bluebird Gap Farm. Our first visit with Grammy and Pop went over like a lead balloon but this time she really enjoyed herself. We took the stroller but she walked the farm and then the best part was that I was finally able to convince her that play equipment was fun! She must have gone down the slide 50 times! (our first visit ended after screaming on the slide!) The biggets news is that she has started school. She has been going for just a couple of hours in the morning to get her ready for a full day this coming week when I head back to work. The days have slowly started getting better with less crying at school, I just look forward to the day when she likes it rather than tolerates it. I wish I could stay home and enjoy our days together before she grows up and doesn't want me around. I wish my job would afford me to work part time so I could have my cake and eat it to but that wont' happen either so it is off to work I go and off to school Elizabeth goes! Enjoy some pictures of our latest adventures. She is best part of everyday and we love her like crazy cakes!!


Mama Darling said...

Wow! What a change. She looks like she is really doing well. She just gets cuter every time you post! Yes, like you, we shop at Target...great clothes for kids. I'm glad that Elizabeth is doing well at school. I know how hard it must be to leave her when you know she misses you. I am really enjoying the pictures. Sure wish some of our other travel buddies had blogs so that I could see how their cuties are doing.

Flo said...

Sam & Debbie, I can see a big chage in Elizabeth since you all came home she is just beautiful I know you all are so proud of her.
Hope to see her sometime soon may be at a swimm meet. I know you hate to go backe to work and leave her . Well just dropped you a line to let you know "I love The Blogs"
keep them up please...
Be Blessed you all.