Friday, September 14, 2007

So many firsts!

Sorry we have been not keeping up with the Blog. Life is really busy entertaining an almost 3 year old!!! We did want to let everyone know that Elizabeth is doing great! Thanks so much to my mom and dad who came to stay with us for a week so that we could do nothing but concentrate on bonding with her, helping to make her transistion a bit easier! Thank you mom and dad! Elizabeth continues to sleep like a champ. A 12 hour evening siesta is pretty much the norm. We are so thankful!!!! She continues to investigate her new toys and everyday seems to learn how to play just a bit better. We have had our first swing on the new playset that Daddy built, we have had our first ride in the grocery cart without screaming, we have had our first romp in the yard with our screaming and hanging on. We have had our first mornings without desperately clinging on Daddy. We had our first dip in the hot tub which she enjoyed! We have had our first car rides with more than a 10 second window to extract her from the car seat upon turning off the engine before she screams. We had our first doctors appointment. That went well. The doctor thinks she is pretty healthy just very small. He said she was on the growth chart for the first 6 months but since has fallen off. Her head circumference stays on the chart so that is a good thing. He said just keep feeding her and she should have a growth spurt. The poor little thing got six shots and 4 vials of blood taken so she was in less than a good mood for the following day. He has a referred us to a developmental specialist who will help us identify areas of weakness and work on those so we can get her as close to age appropriate before starting Kindergarten as possible. Her receptive language is blossming at an incredible rate. It seems like she understands almost all that we tell here. She is even responding with a headshake to some questions. Her expressive language is also moving along. She is so full of jabber but she is also saying momma, baba, baby, thank you, cracker, hello, goodbye, and we swear we have words like get down. She is amazaing!!!
She is still very timid around strangers so we aren't venturing out to much but we are settled so our door is open and we would love visitors. So if you are in the area, stop by and meet Elizabeth.

We love her like crazy cakes!!

Deb and Sam


Rich said...

We can come over now?

Does she watch alien movies yet?

Abby's Mom said...

Such beautiful smiles! Welcome home :O