Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New Pictures

Elizabeth is doing wonderful!! She continues to blossom more and more each day, especially around other people. The two girls down the street, Jessie and Jenny have become her new friends. She no longer needs our laps as security when they are around. Today she walked off hand in hand with them, let them pick her up and laughed up a storm. It is so wonderful to see. She got to meet our special friend Max this weekend. She took to him great as well. She went out front to get the mail with him only and he took her out back to play for a little while. He is so patient and kind with her and she notices. On a down note, the doctor did call this weekend and confirm that she does have Giardia (which she has so graciously shared with her Daddy). We had to go to Children's Hospital on Sunday to pick up the medication. She takes it like a champ so hopefully we will see some positive results soon.
We had a big language break through tonight. She pointed to the kitchen and did the hand gesture that means she wants food. I told her to tell Daddy what she wanted and she went to Sam and pointed to the kitchen. He followed her in and she went to where I usually have the bananas and very clearly said banana. So sad that I didn't have any bananas. We comprised and gave her some applesauce instead and the food dance she did is just the cutest!!

Enjoy a few pictures from the last few days.

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Leslie said...

What a doll! Can't wait to meet her! My favorites are the one with the three girls and the "barefoot after church" one.