Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A Glimpse at the Life of Little Elizabeth

Today,the first person to visit Miss Elizabeth in her orphange, alerted me to this newspaper story about China's orphange. Turns out it is a log about the trip made by the group that included the seconded person who visted Elizabeth. I just didn't know they were taking a reporter and documented as they have.

The link to the story is On the home page, you can look at the video. When the counter gets to 1:17, there will be a picture of 3 kids in a crib. The little girl in the pink is Elizabeth. If you look to the left there is a daily log of their trip. Day 5 is their trip to Elizabeth's orphange. It is a sad tale of the life our little girl lives. One one of the journam entries, there will be block on the right where you can click on slide show. There are 2 more pieces there that give another insight into her life.

As I sit at my desk, it brings me to tears to see how she has had to live. It also brings me great joy in my conviction to give her the best possible life that I can. If nothing else, it gives all of us who will soon interact with her, a glimpse at her surroundings so we can better understand her and help her assimulate into our world. We love you Elizabeth. We are coming just as fast as people will let us!


Abby's Mom said...

Oh I could not get the link to work :(

Anonymous said...

oh how i wish i had the authority to put you on a plane this very minute! that sweet little girl needs her mama's

Shannon S said...

What an amazingly different life Elizabeth will soon have. Thinking of you and your family as you count down the days til you're together.

FinsUp said...

Just a note, before this week's schedule gets crazy with your packing and such, to wish you a wonderful journey. I hope the trip is easy and that Elizabeth quickly realizes the love she has found. Can't wait for a playdate with the girls!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you safe travels. I appreciated all the comments on my blog while we traveled to China. Now that we are safe and sound at home I look forward to following your journey. Please feel free to ask me any questions.