Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Elizabeth's Finding Ad

Through a internet resource, we were able to get Elizabeth's finding ad. Finding ad's are placed in the local paper with the details of where the child was found, what they were wearing, etc so that a parent has the opportuntiy to come forward and claim the child. Elizabeth's finding ad was placed in the local Huainan City paper February 7, 2005. We can share that she was found just a few hours after birth so we know she could not have spent much time alone. Since this is such a sensitive, personal issue, we have chosen to keep the details, just that, personal. We believe that this is Elizabeth's personal story. We will share it with her as she grows and give her the priviledge of sharing it or not sharing it. She has had no control as to how her little life has played out so far, we hope this can give her at least a little control.
This is the finding ads in the paper. Seems similar to a classified. Huai Dong Song is in the first column, six pictures down.

Baby Song Song at about 3 months old. How lucky I feel to have this baby picture to share with her.

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