Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I almost hate to add a new entry because that pushes my sweet pumpkin's face down the page! We have a few updates to share. Last week we received her finding ad that was placed in a local chinese newspaper. I will get the pictures scanned and include them in a future post. I also had a wonderful suprise baby shower this past weekend. Many, Many thanks to my friends Debbie, Katy and Larisa for planning it and for my friends who were able to make it and share in our joy.

Today Mr. Postman delivered our translated medical documents. We were told it would take about 2 weeks but over 4 weeks later we finally have them. Our friend Betty who did our rough translation for us pretty much hit the nail on the head. She appears to be a happy, healthy little girl. The only thing we missed was a date. It appeared to us and Betty that all of the paperwork was done in June 2006. Turns out that latest of the medical reports was actually done in Feb 2007. We thought she was 9.75 kg in June 06 when actually she was 9.0kg then and 9.75 kg in February 2007. 9.75kg converts to about 21.5 pounds. We thought we were adding 15 months of growth to her 21.5 pounds now it seems like we are adding just 6 months of growth. How much does a little girl grow in 6 months. Yikes, probably not enough to weigh between 27-30 pounds we were estimating!! Hopefully in about a month we will find out!!!


Leslie said...

Hi, Debbie,

Not sure if you saw my post on your older entry. Feel free to contact me at momofsharkbait@aol.com if you still wanted to talk about toddler adoption and transition. BTW, her weight you just posted is on line with Fin's. She turns 4 in September and weighs 29 pounds.

RoLo said...

So exciting, cant wait to hear when you finally get TA.