Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Shower, swings and things

Still no concrete ideas of when we will travel but at least things have been happening to keep me distracted!!!
First let me say thank you to my dear friends Debbie, Larisa and Katy who threw a wonderful surprise shower for me. Also, thanks to my other dear friends who took time out of their busy schedules to come and share my excitement. I was especially thrilled that my mom happened to be in town. It was a wonderful afternoon! Elizabeth is sure one lucky kid. She has lots of new clothes and new toys!!! Thank you to everyone for everything!!!

Sam, with the help of our friends Jesse, Rich and of course Max, built a great swingset for Elizabeth. I think she will love it and it will certainly come in handyd for that time outside needed to readjust her body clock to EST. Max and Sam tested the swings and slides so it should be good for her little 25 pound self!

I had a wonderful opportunity to make a new friend for Elizabeth this week. Her name is Fin and she lives nearby. She came home on my birthday and is close in age to Elizabeth. Her mom, (HI Leslie) shared all sorts of insight on adopting a toddler. I was grateful for the opportunity to ask any question I could think of. It was great just to watch Fin play and laugh. She is a beautiful little girl. I can't wait for playdates for Fin and Elizabeth!!

Stay tuned! Exciting new picutres of Elizabeth are coming soon!!!!

For now you can enjoy some pictures of the "Toddler Shower" and our new swing set.

click here to see a slide show .

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