Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Unsure about what the week will bring??

If I had posted this weekend like I had planned to this would have been the most upbeat post yet. We were really gearing up to get the "call" in the next week or so. Keep in mind the rumors to date where that June referrals would go through mid November (our LID is 11/7). As I was drvining back home from a business trip Sam called to say that Rumor Queen had posted that one agency had reported that they thought referrals had been mailed from China. YEAH!!! As soon as I got home, I ran to the computer. Now I should have know that after all of this time, every piece of good news must be tempered with something negative. In less than 30 minutes the RQ sight had changed and now not only were referrals probably not on the way but some people with November 8 and 9 LID have been told not to expect their referral this month. That takes us down to a cut off of November 7th. OUR DAY! While I suppose I should be excited, it is too close for comfort. I am just waiting to hear that November 7 people beign told to wait until next month. Our agency never says anything so we must just wait. This is all most dreadful! I wish I could enjoy the build up of excitement around Elizabeth's impending arrival but I just can't.

Before all of this negative news yesterday. Sam and I went to yard sales this weekend and found a never used baby carrier for $5. We bought it and brought it home to realize we neeeded something heavy enough to try it out. At first we thought about bags of sugar and then Victor walked by! Tom thinks we should have been more thoughtful of his dignity but we see it as family obligation!

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Shannon said...

Good luck this week!!! My fingers are crossed. And, I think the cat fulfilled his obligations nicely.