Monday, June 04, 2007

Cross everything you can cross!!

Cross your fingers, your toes and anything else you can find while you are keeping a look-out for Ladybugs! The latest rumor is that the cut-off date is November 7th, which is our day!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope, I hope, I hope.. (maybe we should have named her Hope!)We will keep you posted as the rumor materializes into fact. My half empty glass worries that the rumor will get worse and the cut off date will be earlier, my half full glass says that no, this will be the month/week since it is only the 2nd busiest week of my entire work year! So little time to sit by phone/computer. Please pray! We could use all of your prayers right now.

The picture belwo is of the matching room at the CCAA. Our family will be made here! You can see all of the files on the shelves. We hope that our's and Elizabeth's is on someone's desk right now!!! Please pray! Pray for our match this month and pray for Baby Elizabeth. Mommy and Daddy are coming! Just hold on a bit longer!


Anonymous said...

Hi Deb and Sam, Praying that this is your month. Trust in god's goodness. Faith will see you through. Love ya, aunt Margaret

Sherry Mc said...

Hi Deb and Sam, here's praying that your referral is in this batch. It's such an interminable wait, especially with the CCAA playing all the games they have. Looking forward to following your journey. Where are you in Hampton? Would love to get to meet Elizabeth. Saw your post on Waiting4Abby. I'm Jenny's mom. Wonder how long it will take them to get from ll/7 to 12/7. God bless you on your journey. Sherry McCormick, Gloucester Point