Friday, April 06, 2007

What Seems Like an Eternal Rollercoaster!

When our adoption agency told us the wait for our referral would be 5-6 months, never did I imagine that 17 months later we would still be waiting. I just want to get off this rollercoaster and I want to get off this rollercoaster with my baby in hand NOW!!!! It seems like any bit of good news or excitement MUST be tempered with some sort of disappointment. This week, I made my trek to Richmond for our usual staff meeting. At lunch, Aliza (my friend at work who is expecting baby #1 on May 18th) and I walk into the lunch room to a BIG SURPRISE!!! Our fellow coworkers collaborated on a surprise shower. Everyone brought a delicious contribution to the lunch. Our coworkers gave us each an incredibly generous gift card to Babys R Us and I got 2 adorable dresses, a hat, a stuffed laughing bunny and some good smelling lotions. It was such a surprise and so much appreciated. It was my first celebration of Elizabeth's impending arrival. So what is the dissapointment? I come home to check my email only to find out that most likely April's referrals will only be for 2 days ~ not 2 weeks which has been typically and the source of the slow down but 2 DAYS!!! So after a month the Adoptions Affairs office has moved along 2 days! I so hope someone along the way has misintreped and they have matched farther. At this point, the May referral we figured was in the bag is probably a long shot. Today, it doesn't feel like this will ever end. Everything is in Elizabeth's room but Elizabeth. Will this ever change???


Kim said...

[quote]never did I imagine that 17 months later we would still be waiting

Honey, you and me both!! I NEVER thought it would be this long.

Deb and Sean said...

Unbelievable for sure!!! Just when you think the end is in sight .... trust me, I feel your pain! I have had great difficulty shaking the 2 day fiasco! I believe this will put us back at LEAST 2 MORE months ... ridiculous! The only good thing I can say about it is,
I don't think I'll be disapppointed again ... I no longer have any expectations. I'll wait for the call and then get excited!!!!