Monday, March 05, 2007

Another Step Closer

It seems like forever that we have been posting about being one step closer. Today we are yet another step closer. Referrals have been made for all families through October 24! Closer to us but of course we were hoping and praying that it would be just a bit closer. I get Elizabeth is not quite ready yet! We are November 8th so at this point April seems a bit unlikely if this slooooooow pace continues but I would think that May should be our golden month! The link below is to a short video of families receiving their babies. This typically happens within the first day or so after arriving in China. The meeting is usually held in the government center of the province that the baby is from. Enjoy! I cry everytime I watch it just anticipating the day I get to hold Elizabeth. Before you start the video, go to the bottom of the blog and mute the music so that you can hear the story.

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