Thursday, January 04, 2007

Getting Closer

Today the CCAA announced that they had matched families through September 27th. We are November 8th so we are getting closer!! The closer we get the far less patient I am. This journey has been tooooo long and we just want our baby and we want her now!!! Our best estimates now are that we should here something around Aprilish. For now, we have to redo our US Customs paperwork ~ Not to much work just a bunch more money! Keep your fingers crossed and keep looking for ladybugs.


Terri said...

Hi Debbie,
I can't believe I just found your blog--are you in the November DTC group too?
I'm going to be hosting a Nursery Tour on my blog soon--hope you'll join in!


Terri said...

Debbie! I just realized you were my secret pal! I didn't know this was your website until I was cleaning off my desk and found your sweet card! Hi!! I'm so excited to find you again!