Saturday, October 28, 2006

A Busy Week

This week finds us getting a few steps closer. As you can see in the backgroud of the pictures, the mural is almost complete. That will finish up next week. Our friends Larisa and Jonathan also gave us their crib so we excitedly started putting it together. Keeping with traditional crib assembly we had our share of troubles. One problem was our new kitty Victor who was bound and determined to "help". He passed screws and springs to Sam after doing about 20 laps around the room with them. Our next problem was that Jonathan believes in throwing directions out and not that Sam is opposed to that but he has just never really even seen a crib before so we were a bit stumped. Once we realized there were missing parts it all became much more clear. Thank goodness for the internet! We were able to find replacement parts eaisly. They arrived last night and a few minutes later we were in business!!
Thank you so much Larisa and Jonathan. We hope that Elizabeth has as many good dreams in the crib as Allison and Brandon! Our friends Karl and Sherry also gave us a truck load full of baby things. Some we will keep here and some we will use to outfit Grandma's house!!

This week also included a visit from our Social Worker, Melissa, to due an annual homestudy update and a trip to to immigration to redo our fingerprints. Hold on Elizabeth! We are praying to get to you just as fast as everyone will let us!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a baby girl belongs in that crib!

Matt and Kathy said...

Just found your website. The crib looks fantastic. It's very similar to mine. I LOVE the tree on the wall.