Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Christmas Day 2004

We have told our parents that we have decided to adopt a baby girl from China. They are all very excited about the news but sworn to secrecy until Christmas when we can come home to share the good news ourselves.

During the day, Dad asks us when are we going to tell. The suspense and anticipation was killing him!! We told him that when the time was right we would tell.

I had the opportunity to say grace at dinner. I thanked God for all of his blessings, in particular Janet and Matt's upcoming arrival, Jim and Jen's upcoming arrival and the upcoming arrival of the little girl we would be adopting from China! Boy did that catch a few people off guard!! But the secret was out and we rejoiced in our good news with the people that we love the most.
Once we get back into town, the paperwork begins!!

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