Monday, November 03, 2008

The End of a Chapter

This blog began as we waited for our beautiful daughter from China. It has carried us through our wait, the most amazing trip to China and our first year together as a family. While we will forever be on a journey but our journey has changed. It is no longer a journey to become a family but our journey as a family. I have decided to end this blog, with our previous post being the last. It shared the celebration of our one year together. I am going to turn our blog into a book so that Elizabeth wil be able to share in all of the memories that she was not here to enjoy, all of the memories she was too young to remember and most importantly, all of the well wishes from family, friends, and strangers as we brought her into our family.
Have no fear!!! I have started a new blog to move our family into the future. Our new blog is It is titled "Down the Garden Path". I hope you will follow along!

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