Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Have you seen the commercial for one of the snack chips where the moms are yapping about how well their children play together and how much they enjoy play dates and the camera pans to the kids and they are all infants? That is sort of how I feel about Elizabeth's play dates with her friend (whom she was chattering about at 4:30 am while we sat in the bathroom in dark)Fin. I think Mommy likes the play date with Fin's mommy just as much as Elizabeth enjoys Fin. Fin is about a year older and much wiser in the play/adventure area so Elizabeth plays follow the leader and learns so much from her. We see her get braver after every play date with Fin. Leslie is a few months ahead of us on the adoption process so I continue to learn valuable things from her besides the fact that I really enjoy her company and just hanging out. I met her through Rumor Queen so all of those hours spent checking in before we traveled to china was well worth it! She has got a great sense of humor and a spirit that I really enjoy. We went to the Botanical Gardens with the girls. They have a wonderful children's area. It has alot of water activities. Unfortunately we got there just before the thunder did. They had to close off the water and when the storm cleared, the pumps would not turn back on. Bummer!!! The girls still had a great time playing in the other parts of the kids area. Afterwards we went to Sonic and got the girls treats. It was a wonderful day. Most importantly, I am glad that Elizabeth is learning how to develop friendships. It is a skill that will carry her far in life. I hope that Elizabeth and Fin share many more girlfriend hugs over the years. They share a common heritage and I think that might be important to both of them as they grow. It also reminds me how thankful I am to have such wonderful friends ~ new ones like Leslie, my dear old friends, and friends that I have not yet had the chance to meet yet. Life is so good!


FinsUp said...

Thank you for your kind comments about my kiddo (and me)! I certainly enjoy our visits and hope we can cram more of them into our busy schedules. I admire how thoughtful your blog is and I should really try to be less frivolous. Our girls are so important!

Shannon said...

Great pictures of such beautiful girls!