Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fourth of July

Elizabeth had a grand first FOURTH OF JULY. Her Grammie, Poppie, Aunt Janet, Cousin Dominique and Cousin Gabe came to visit her for the long weekend.

On Thursday, just after they arrived, Elizabeth quickly convinced Poppie to push her on the swings. It didn't seem like a hard sell!!

On the fourth, we had a BBQ and then went to the beach to watch the fireworks. Sadly, they were canceled due to a huge rain storm that we got caught in. It might have been a blessing since I am not sure how Elizabeth would have done and Poppie was sick when we got home.
Our First Family photo on 4th of July!

Elizabeth and Domi enjoy the pool that Baba got her.

It must be a holiday. Even Baba got in the water.

Grammie, Baby Gabe and Elizabeth at the beach

She knows she is cute!!

On Saturday we went to Bluebird Gap Farm. The girls loved the animals and the playground but is was soooooo hot. We were FORCED to go get some ice cream to recover!
Uncle Sam/Baba kept the girls stocked in animal food. I guess you really can't take too many quarters like I thought.

The Rooney Girls!

Cold Stone provided much needed relief and refreshment after being out in the heat!

Sunday morning we had no power so we had a nice leisurely breakfast out. Elizabeth was then very excited to take Domi to the pool!

The weekend's events could not be documented without mentioning that we got to meet our nephew/cousin for the first time. Elizabeth just absolutely fell in love with Baby Gabe. She kissed him at every chance! He is a cutie and pretty hard to resist.

On Monday morning they packed up and disappeared just as quickly as the arrived. We had a wonderful weekend and look forward to our family vacation with everyone next month.
On a different note, keep Elizabeth in your prayers. She is going to the Children's Hospital tomorrow for dental work in their day surgery unit. We are anxious and she is so unsuspecting.

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