Saturday, April 12, 2008

March Came and Went

Wow, the month passed by quickly! I can't believe it has been so long since I posted. The month seems like a blur. We spent most of month feeling like we were going to be sick, being sick, or being on a slow road to recovery! Add in a busy work schedule and a 3 year old who changes by the day and things are quite hectic around here! Of course the highlight of the month was celebrating Easter. It was a great day filled with Church, family and friends. We feel so grateful to have such a full table. Elizabeth enjoyed the many egg hunts. Her first one was at church but sadly, I had to miss it. I surprised Poppy by delivering his birthday present to him. Lucky for us that my business trip was to my hometown on his birthday! We then went to the neighborhood egg hunt and then had one in our yard on easter day with our friends Rocky and Peyton. She has become quite the egg hunter!
Elizabeth continues to grow and change. She has finally outgrown her 12 month pants although as we venture into potty training, she has nothing to hold up the 18 month ones so we may have to take a step back! She now loves to have her hair in ponytails with ribbons. She says "cute" when she sees herself in her mirror. Wonder where she heard that. She continues to improve with her social skills and physical skills. She is climbing better and seems to play so much more appropriately with toys than just a short time ago. They are still toys for much younger children but you have to start somewhere! Her speech is still her biggest hurdle. We took her for a speech evaluation. In a short 15 minutes that we were actually in the office, after not getting her to say a word, after her little anxiety driven melt-down, they determined that she was impulsive, aggressive, and non-compliant with no language delay! I guess a second opinion is coming our way. I gave the therapist my opinion about her opinion which resulted in a call from her supervisor but we will NEVER step foot in there again. They can forget about there self-pay waiting list! I should not have gotten myself started!

Since it is April now, I should mention that today is our 5th wedding anniversary. For the special occasion our neighbor Alicia came over and got Elizabeth up from her nap and played with for 2 hours. Sounds like no big deal right? Maybe not to most but this was the FIRST time we have left her to go out from some mommy and daddy time since we have been home from China. It was wonderful that it happened to today so we could celebrate. We got to go to a movie and to the restaurant that we have gone to in the past to celebrate. (Thanks Mom and Dad for buying!) Many thanks to Alicia!!! You made it an extra special day for us today!
Today I will say that I love my Sam and my Elizabeth like CRAZY CAKES!!!!
Enjoy some updated pictures!


FinsUp said...

Elizabeth looks like she has grown since we saw her last! I am so impressed that she leaves in her pigtails. Fin goes about 15 minutes. We're in town the next couple of weekends... let us know if it is a good time to go to the farm.

Mama Ladybug said...

What a big girl little E is getting to be. Her hair has grown so much, I love the piggy tail. Looks like her Easter was very memorable. Happy Anniversary too, glad you finally got out. Hope you all are feeling well and are making a solid recovery. We'll have to swap stories sometime about those speech therapists, sounds too familiar!

Mama Darling said...

I'm so glad you posted. I love the updated pictures. I'll have to agree with Elizabeth..."cute." I think you were smart to leave the speech therapist's office. Evidently they know very little about children who have experienced what our have. So, she strong-willed...duh. She wouldn't have survived otherwise. DB's speech development is also slow. I haven't quite figured out how much DD's "constant talking" has to do with it. LOL Maybe if she just had an opportunity to practice, she would advance faster.