Friday, November 09, 2007

A Step Back in Time

Well, not a big step back in time just a post out of order. It was a life experience for Elizabeth so I don't want to leave it out. The morning of the big 3year old birthday was also the day she was baptized. It worked out wonderfully so my family could be in town for both special occaisions. Elizabeth wore a beautiful red dress that I bought in China specifically for this celebration. Since it was Reformation Sunday and Elizabeth was going to wear red, Pastor Cheryl decorated the church all in red. Elizabeth would hav no part of the pastor holding her and swatted at her hand when the water came but all in all she was tolerant. Some days that is all you can ask!!

Elizabeth's pretty red baptism dress.

Elizabeth and her cousin Dominique

Three generataions of Rooney girls!

The Apperson Family with Pastor Cheryl

Our Family who came to celebrate with Elizabeth.


FinsUp said...

I am so jealous! Elizabeth looks so adorable in that dress. I wish I had seen those in China!

Mama Ladybug said...

What a special day for you all. I wish we were closer to share it with you! These pictures really show how much of a big girl she is getting to be. So beautiful and so happy. Praise the Lord!