Sunday, August 19, 2007

We are HERE!!!

We made it!!! While in Newark, we gathered with our travel group and got to reconnect since our travel meeting. Our flight was uneventful but soooooooooooooo long. We were on the plane for about a total of 16.5 hours. I never knew how awful it is to sit in one place forthat long. It was a calm flight though so that helped. We went over the North Pole and then back down again over Russia and Mongolia. Sam slept about 5 hours and I got about 2. We landed in Hong Kong about 7:30 and where met by Ben our representative with Adoptions from the Heart. He was a welcome sight. Our hotel was attached to the airport and he had already checked us in and gotten some Hong Kong Dollars for us. We got to go to our room for 20 minutes and get cleaned up for a briefing. Afterwards Sam and I went to get a drink with Linda and Skip and Linda and Devin. We slept for about 5 hours and now we are ready to board our plane this morning for Heifi, Anhui. We will get Elizabeth this afternoon!!!

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