Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Christmas 2005

We really thought last year that there was a good chance that Baby Elizabeth would be with us by this time. Not only is she not with us but the wait for a referral has now increased. When we started our 7 months would have put us at getting a referral in June or so. Now it looks like it will be fall before we have Elizabeth. We will look at the silver lining and know that is when our baby will be ready and it won't be so hot we when go to get her!

Even though Elizabeth is not here yet, she sure did get some nice gifts! Aunt Janet gave her a hand-made crocheted blanket, Grammy and Pops gave her a christmas music box, a cookie jar and 2 blankets. They also gave us some books and a doll just perfect for our little Elizabeth. Cousin Jim and Jen gave her a toy. Grandma also made her a beautiful blanket! I also got a beautiful ornament from Sam that says "Waiting for Elizabeth" on it. I think I will keep it our until she arrives. Merry Christmas. Hopefully Elizabeth will be in the picture next year.

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